The Sweater Weather 3k/5k/10k Run

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What are you thankful for, warm fuzzy sweaters?  We are! Celebrate your thanks by running our virtual 3k/5k/10k and earn some amazing swag, including a warm fuzzy Hoodie!  Run on a treadmill, run with a friend, run a race you have already signed up for, they all count!

  • Earn a medal and HOODIE! (SFM/iRUN365 design reveal coming soon)  
  • You must post your results to receive the medal and hoodie which will be shipped within 30 days after the completion end date of Nov 30th
  • Post your results by Nov 30th, the results posting link will be provided to you in the virtual confirmation email.
  • No Cancellations, no refunds, non-transferable.
  • Also! Qualify for our virtual series challenges:
    • Run three of our virtual races (any distances -3k/5k/10k) by December 31st and you will earn the Snowmageddon Challenge item to proudly display and remind you of your efforts!
    • Submit your results by 12/31 to be qualified, reward gift item to be shipped by 1/31/2020
    • Earn Exclusive Partner Discounts and offers for other Virtual Races, we will have 12+ to choose from this year!